Glen Cove Yacht Club

Marine Information

Mooring Services

         Mooring Rentals, Sales and Maintenance (club recommended)

                John Koliner ph:631-269-2774  Ace Marine N Moorings Sales and Service

                 14 Bralo Ct, Kings Park, NY 11754 



Hempstead Harbor Marina Services

Brewers Glen Cove: Fuel, pumpout, hauling, mechanical, full marine services.
Located in Glen Cove Creek
VHF: Ch 9   Phone: (516) 671-5563

Tappan Beach And Marina, Shore Road, Glenwood Landing:  Pumpout
Located on eastern shore of Hempstead Harbor.

Local (YRA) Sailing Fleets
Glen Cove Yacht Club is a member of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRALIS). Below are a few of the classes that race in our area.

Shields Fleet One (Larchmont, NY)
Shields Fleet #1 is one of the most active Shields fleets in the country.  The fleet is the largest and most active one-design fleet in western Long Island Sound.  The racing season begins Memorial Day weekend and continues through Columbus day weekend, with most races on Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays.  The warning gun for the first start is not until 2:25pm facilitating family time and other activities in the morning.  And, of course, the late afternoon warning gun conveniently coincides with the arrival of the afternoon sea breeze.
Herreshoff S-Class
The "S"-Class Boat is a displacement boat that is quick in light air, stiff in a breeze, and remarkably agile in response to her helm. She is powered by a five-eighths rig consisting of a self-tending jib, a main, and a spinnaker. The cockpit provides unusually ample working space for a one-design racer; it is moderately deep, comfortable, and relatively dry. The cabin provides shelter from foul weather, storage and space for a portable head if desired. Most were produced between 1919 and 1941 by the world famous Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in Bristol, Rhode Island; designed and supervised by "Captain Nat" Herreshoff - the Wizard of Bristol.
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